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12 Hours Self Paced Certificate Course in GOA4 UTO (Unattended Train Operation)
We will cover : • Grades of Automation GOA4 – Concepts of GOA4 UTO (Unattended Train Operation) ; • Setting a train in motion; • Stopping train; • Door closure; • Operation in event of Disruption.
12 hours Self Paced Online Certificate Course in EI Logics
ESP (Engineering Scale Plan) and SIP (Signal Interlocking Plan) and EI Program Compilation.
12 Hours Self-Paced Course-European Train Control System (ETCS)

Course Overview

  A solid technical understanding of the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS), particularly the European Train Control System (ETCS). This path opens up career growth  for railway professionals in international rail projects around maintenance, infrastructure, and operations.  This online certificate training course gives you an introduction to ERTMS/ETCS . You will learn about the most important concepts, become familiar with the technical components of ETCS and basics of ETCS levels and operations. This new and common train control system is not only known across Europe, but also recognized worldwide and helps to ensure a higher level of safety and enhance capacity.
12 Hours Self-Paced-Communication Based Train Control Course
Course Overview : In modern railway signaling systems, Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) can mainly be used in urban railway lines, either for metro or heavy rail systems. CBTC systems are widely accepted worldwide as they support attainment of  optimum capacity, minimize headway and help maintain safety requirements.
20 hours Self Paced Certificate Course in Metro Signalling covering High Speed Rails
This Course has been designed so as to understand the working principles of Metro and High Speed Rails Signalling Design parameters. Learning course gives opportunity to fast track their careers in Signalling Industries doing Metro and High Speed Rail projects world over.
20 hours Self Paced Certificate Course in Railway Signaling Circuit Design
Indian Railways/ UK Network Rail/ Australian Railways. This course provides a comprehensive understanding of various railway Signalling systems, including the design principles, technologies, and operational considerations. Participants will gain knowledge and skills essential for designing efficiently various railway Signalling systems.
20 Hours Self Paced Certificate Program in ERTMS for Railways
The Course will cover ERTMS Basics; Modes and Transitions; The Driving Interface (DMI); Train positioning; Movement Authorisation; System Version Management; Speed Profile; Braking curves; Procedures; Level Transitions and Handovers.
20 hrs Self Paced Certificate Training Program in LTE for Railways & Metros
An extensive training program exclusively designed for telecom and railway professionals to understand the contours of LTE through a case study based approach.
40 hours Self Paced Certificate Course in Electronic Interlocking
Ideal for Signaling professionals looking to develop proficiency in Electronic Interlocking.
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