In this video, I’m going to discuss the IRSE certificates and module exam preparation. I’ll explain the importance of the IRSE certification and show you how to prepare for the module exams.

If you’re looking to improve your career opportunities, then you need to consider getting an IRSE certification. With this certification, you’ll have a better chance of securing a successful career in signal engineering. In this video, I’ll show you what an IRSE certification is and how to prepare for the module exams!
Watch this video to know all about IRSE module exams and licencing process covering following questions
Who are eligible for IRSE Module Exams?
What is the procedure and fees?
What are the IRSE Modules?
Who can attempt?
How valid it is?
How to prepare for IRSE Module A
What are career prospects after qualifying it
Contents of our IRSE module A coaching program
Duration of the training.

We are commencing a 30 hours LIVE coaching program for IRSE Module A from 31st July 2023. Classes will be held Mon/Wed/Fri 7PM to 9 PM
You may see the details here

Railway professional aspiring to take IRSE Module A exam in October 2023
Engineers from Design field, Knowledge of designing process.
Have basic signalling training knowledge.
Min one year of experience. Indian Railway/metro Project.

MASTER TRAINER- Mr. Krithivasan,
(retired Divisional Signal Engineer, Central Railway, IRSE
Principle Designers and Design verifier)

SPECIAL EARLY BIRD FEE OFFER: 18,000/- plus GST 18% valid till 25th July 2023
Please use the following payment link to make the payment and enroll

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