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10 hours Certificate Course in Implementation of Lean Methodology in Railways and Capital Investment Projects
Learn all aspects of Lean Methodology in Railways & Capital Investment Projects. Its specially designed for working professionals, and project managers aspiring for career growth in project management.
10 hrs Certificate Training on MSDAC, HASSDAC, SSBPAC D & DATA LOGGER
Our micro-courses are designed to give you the content you need to start a meaningful rail career or take your career to the next level. These Micro-courses are an excellent way to boost your resume and give you a competitive edge in your field.
2 Hours Online Free Self Paced Certificate Course in Data Logger
Data Logger System for improving availability of signaling systems. The course shall cover Data logger system, its purpose, hardware & software.
20 Hour Self-Paced Program Rolling Stock for Railways & Metro
We have designed this 2o hour Rolling Stock Course for working professionals with little exposure to rolling stock and interested to know basics of the same, its features and components and interaction with other systems so that it is able to haul passengers and freight loads at its design capacity.
4 Hours Certificate Course on Balises and LEU Programming in Railway Signaling
This certificate course is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of Balises and LEU (Locomotive Equipment Unit) programming in railway signaling systems.
4 Hours Certificate Course on Hybrid Rolling Stock in Railways
This certificate course provides participants with a focused understanding of hybrid rolling stock in railway transportation systems.
4 Hours Certificate Course on Overhead Equipment (OHE) Design Basics in Railways
This certificate course provides participants with fundamental knowledge of Overhead Equipment (OHE) design in railway electrification systems.
4 Hours Certificate Course on Railway Track Engineering
Learning Railway Track Engineering gives opportunity to fast track the careers in Industries doing Design of Railway Track engineering projects world over.
4 Hours Online Self Paced Course in Control Table Design
Table of Control Selection Table/Control Table is a tabular representation of Signalling arrangements provided in a particular Signal layout taking into consideration about the safety requirements, operational requirements and flexibility of train moves.
4 Hrs Certificate Course in Cable Core Plan (Signalling)
Purpose : This course details the information to be included on Cable Core Plan (Signalling) so that consistent presentation is achieved and ambiguity avoided.
4 Hrs Online Self Paced Course on KAVACH (IRATP)
Indian Railways Automatic Train Protection, IRATP (Kavach) implementation will generate projects value of more than INR 50,000 Cr in coming years where 1.2 lac km of railways will implement IRATP. This implementation will generate career growth opportunities for project managers, configuration managers, designers and various related profiles.
70 Hrs Self Paced Online Certificate Program – OHE for Railways & Metros
This course can help you get ready for job opportunities coming in OHE design, installation, commissioning across Indian Railways & Metro Projects.
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