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20 hrs Online Certificate Course on EMI/EMC for Railways & Metro
The Electro Magnetic Interference(EMI) and the Electro Magnetic Compliance(EMC) are the most important requirements for any Electrical/Electronic/Electro-Mechanical systems, to comply with the standards set by the Government Regulatory bodies or by the OEMs. This training is designed to introduce you to the concepts of the Interference by Emissions, and the Immunity to the Emissions, the various Standards and their expectations along with the various test procedures to qualify your products for both EMI & EMC. The training will focus on the fundamentals of “EMI EMC Testing” including understanding of the basics, various standards, regulations, design concepts, different test equipment, and the test procedures as per the standards.
12 hrs Online Certificate Course on Safety in Railway Signalling
The course has been designed such that it covers a comprehensive range of topics related to safety in railway signalling, including theoretical concepts, practical applications, and case studies to enhance understanding and application of the material.
12 hrs Online Certificate Course on High Speed Rail Signaling UAE projects
High-Speed Rail Signaling: UAE Projects.
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