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10 hours Certificate Course in Implementation of Lean Methodology in Railways and Capital Investment Projects
Learn all aspects of Lean Methodology in Railways & Capital Investment Projects. Its specially designed for working professionals, and project managers aspiring for career growth in project management.
12 hours online certificate course on detailed design of CBTC
In modern railway signaling systems, Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) can mainly be used in urban railway lines, either for metro or heavy rail systems. CBTC systems are widely accepted worldwide as they support attainment of optimum capacity, minimize headway and help maintain safety requirements.
12 Hours Online Certificate Course on Developing Skills in Intercontinental Rail Connectivity Projects
Starting a rail project of this scale is a complex and ambitious undertaking that involves numerous stakeholders, including governments, transportation authorities, and private investors.
12 Hrs Certificate Course on Positive Train Control – Design Basics
The Positive Train Control – Design Basics course is tailored to develop knowledge, skills and careers in railway signalling Detail Design which is an added qualification to produce detailed Design in India as well as in other countries.
12 Hrs Certificate Program in Artificial Intelligence Applied to Railways
We have designed a railway industry focused short course with Experts in Railways for you to learn different fields of artificial intelligence and their applicability to various problems in different domains of Railways. It is specially designed for AI professionals to learn the problems facing Railways and Railway professionals to understand how AI can be applied to different problems in Railways.
12 hrs Online Certificate Course on Audio Frequency-based Cab Signalling with ATC, ATO and Track Circuit arrangements
Learning this course gives opportunity to fast track their careers in Signalling Industries doing Cab signalling Rail projects world over.
12 hrs Online Certificate Course on Design of Railway Infrastructure
This course provides an in-depth exploration of the design principles and engineering practices related to railway infrastructure, including tracks, bridges, tunnels, stations, and electrification systems. Participants will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to design safe, efficient, and sustainable railway networks.
12 hrs Online Certificate Course on High Speed Rail Signaling UAE projects
High-Speed Rail Signaling: UAE Projects.
12 hrs Online Certificate Course on Railway Costing
Learning Railway Costing gives opportunity to fast-track careers for Engineers and those from Departments of Operations, Commercial, Finance, Infrastructure and Rolling Stock in Rail Project Organisations/ Industries doing Rail Projects world over.
12 hrs Online Certificate Course on Railway Operations
This course provides participants with a deep knowledge of railway operations, focusing on safety, scheduling, maintenance, and customer service. Participants will learn best practices and strategies for efficient railway operations.
12 hrs Online Certificate Course on Railway Traction Design
This course provides a comprehensive understanding of railway traction systems, including the design principles, technologies, and operational considerations. Participants will gain knowledge and skills essential for designing and maintaining efficient railway traction systems.
12 hrs Online Certificate Course on Safety in Railway Signalling
The course has been designed such that it covers a comprehensive range of topics related to safety in railway signalling, including theoretical concepts, practical applications, and case studies to enhance understanding and application of the material.
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